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Big Big Big News

So I am making the official move to self hosting.

You can now find me at


Please update all links and bookmarks to this new site and I already have a bunch of posts lined up for the next few days including a super awesome giveaway!! So please please come on over and visit me there!!


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Velvet Snow Update

Okay so see I really did finish this dress but without thinking I made a facing for the collar and I used the extra velvet I had lying around and now all I see is black poking out of the collar.
This needs to be fixed but I wanted to show you It really is done, well sort of.

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So I have a growing pile of dresses like this…

Fairly large and either shapeless or oddly shaped.
This particular dress has been in my pile for about a year and a half. A long time I know but I really liked the print of the dress but I have been absolutely stumped by the shape and how to fix it.

So just on sunday I decided to take some before pictures of a few of these big dresses just in case I was inspired at some point and didn’t want to wait around and take before pictures and when I was putting the dress on I realized I liked how it looked with an empire waist and I remembered that on Burdastyle theres an awesome contour bust pattern which is great but I now know is too big for me.

So I chopped the top off of the dress and left the waistband.

I cheated and used the zipper that was already in place on the skirt and took in the sides enough to keep it up.

So the thing is I like how it turned out but I sort of wonder if it would be better as a shorter dress. Like if I carefully take it up from the waist so I can save the stripes at the hem. I think it would be fairly easy but do you think its a good idea?? Save me!

Thanks for your help!

PS So I am super excited I made my own signature… problem was I had no clue what my signature should be. My Blog name? My real name? A combination? I still have no clue but this is it for a start.

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Sick of Being Sick

Ugh… I am miserably sick today.

I wish I had a kitty to snuggle and a big bowl of soup!


So I really did finish the velvet snow dress on Wednesday but I have had no chance to take any pictures and today I am preferring to lounge in my pj’s all day!

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Here’s what I’m pining after this week…

1960s Mustard Velvet Bow Slingback Heels Size 7.5

Little black sleeveless 50s sheer dress

Vintage rhinestone scissors brooch

Colorful sweater coat

If only I had a limitless budget. A girl can dream… I mean that brooch is at the top of my list. Maybe I should get myself a very early birthday present haha

I am working on a how to for the jersey scarf which should be up in a day or so and also one for the peter pan collar on the velvet snow dress! yay

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Velvet Snow…

Okay so I was perusing Zog Etiquette and I found this pic.

Obviously I almost died and fell head over heels for this dress. I mean peter pan collars are my favorite to begin with but add a bow and some matching cuffs and you have perfection.

The lovely Lily just showed me that the original picture came from Hannah and Landon, which turns out to be a super amazing and inspiring blog!

But now I must recreate this masterpiece and I think I have the perfect medium to do it in.

I found this monstrosity a few months ago at a thrift store and as usual Im a sucker for any dress thats a dollar, so I got it. I’ve always feltĀ hesitantĀ about wearing velvet or velour. I bet a lot of people feel that way, because there can be a thin line between fashionable and atrocious.

But I think by tomorrow or maybe Wednesday I can have my blatant knock off ready for show and tell.

I haven’t done any sewing all week cus I have just felt no motivation but this just strikes a cord with me and I’ve got to get to work ASAP!

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