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So I have a growing pile of dresses like this…

Fairly large and either shapeless or oddly shaped.
This particular dress has been in my pile for about a year and a half. A long time I know but I really liked the print of the dress but I have been absolutely stumped by the shape and how to fix it.

So just on sunday I decided to take some before pictures of a few of these big dresses just in case I was inspired at some point and didn’t want to wait around and take before pictures and when I was putting the dress on I realized I liked how it looked with an empire waist and I remembered that on Burdastyle theres an awesome contour bust pattern which is great but I now know is too big for me.

So I chopped the top off of the dress and left the waistband.

I cheated and used the zipper that was already in place on the skirt and took in the sides enough to keep it up.

So the thing is I like how it turned out but I sort of wonder if it would be better as a shorter dress. Like if I carefully take it up from the waist so I can save the stripes at the hem. I think it would be fairly easy but do you think its a good idea?? Save me!

Thanks for your help!

PS So I am super excited I made my own signature… problem was I had no clue what my signature should be. My Blog name? My real name? A combination? I still have no clue but this is it for a start.


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Well its not clothes or a refashion of any kind but I felt like I owed you guys something.

So here’s a little clutch I made from some gorgeous thrifted fabric a while ago.

I just couldn’t stay in the house today as the weather here is beyond perfect so I lounged outside and read. It was magnificent. But no need to worry because I don’t have plans this evening besides spending some quality time with my sewing machine. So by tomorrow I will have lots more for you!

Update – I did forget to tell you that I used the Curvy Clutch pattern from Keyka Lou. Her Etsy shop is packed with amazing patterns! I didn’t make the dress but this is actually one of the first vintage items I ever owned and I still adore it!

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So I am trying to branch out in my thrifting ways and am I glad I did or what? I stopped by a local garage sale and ta dah! It reminds me a lot of my fav mad woman, Betty Draper! Now I just need a light colored crinoline to match!

I did some baking the other night and made these delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! They turned out wonderfully. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to add more food coloring cus they didn’t end up very red haha! If you make these you only need to make half a batch of frosting and that is enough for a whole batch of cupcakes!

I am also super excited because I finally broke down and bought myself some camera accessories including a legitimate tripod and a remote for the camera. So maybe someday I can venture out into new and exciting places and get better pictures!

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I saw this dress at the thrift store weeks ago and I’ve been keeping my eye on it and waiting for it to go on sale cus I love the fabric. The gray and black stripes are great and its super super soft. I ended up lounging about in the before dress which hit the floor after I took the above picture and I sort of wished for a second it was acceptable or fashionable to wear pajama like clothing all the time but alas it isn’t. So instead I chopped it down to this mini dress.

Goes great with this belt I thrifted forever ago but never had anything to wear with it.

I took the portion I cut off the bottom and decided to make a mini skirt out of it. I ended up tracing my favorite skirt of this shape onto my fabric and using it as a pattern. I even saved the dress’ original hem and used that for the skirt which cut the project time in half.

See it here on Wardrobe Refashion!

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This dress can be worn with the buttons in front or in back… I much prefer them in front. This pattern (Simplicity 3904) is soo simple only 5 pattern pieces! It came together fairly quickly as the buttons are sewn on with no buttonholes… I wish buttonholes didn’t exist so this was very exciting for me! I have been looking for a good dress to use some of this fabric on. I got about 6 yards from the clearance section of the surplus fabric store for $5. I love the way it turned out even though these pictures don’t really do it justice. Im going to work this week on making a layer cake crinoline to give it a bit more ooomph (yes that is the technical way to spell that). Im going to use a thrifted slip and some stash netting (I know have this netting so hopefully I can conjure up where it might be hiding) to go with Gertie’s tutorial that can be found here!

I am actually excited to try this pattern again and again…

PS I was shocked that my mom turned down my offer to make the matching hat for her. I just couldn’t believe it haha… also if you are planning on being the next octomom or such, this dress could fit the biggest belly ever!!

See it on Wardrobe Refashion here!

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What a yucky day…. got up at 4 and went down for my 12 hour clinical shift but I was not feeling so hot and by 730 by teacher thought I looked more like I was going to pass out than not. She sent me home where I promptly lost my breakfast, took a nap, and felt like a thousand times better but now Im going to have to go another day and make up my shift…. ugh

So I did some studying and decided to work on a couple thrifted alteration projects. Each dress and the sweater were $1 each. Its a nice feeling to turn $3 into three unique items to add to my wardrobe!

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I got this little aqua dress from Goodwill for a dollar a week or so ago and I ended up having to rip it completely apart. I started by cutting the sleeves off in order to bring in the shoulder seam and then reattached the sleeves. I then took in the sides in hopes of saving the pockets but the pockets just ended up bulging and looking really bad so I sewed new side seams completely and chopped quite a few inches off of the hem.

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