Big Big Big News

So I am making the official move to self hosting.

You can now find me at


Please update all links and bookmarks to this new site and I already have a bunch of posts lined up for the next few days including a super awesome giveaway!! So please please come on over and visit me there!!



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So sorry to leave everyone hanging for the weekend. I ended up on a semi spontaneous road trip to Utah. It was super fun and I will be sharing some photos soon. I swear also by this week I have a couple new items and finally the how to for the jersey scarf!

April Fools… No?

So Im watching Project Runway as we speak and I cant believe one of my most favoritest designers just quit! Maya Luz.

Well at least you can check out her site which has some awesome stuff!

Velvet Snow Update

Okay so see I really did finish this dress but without thinking I made a facing for the collar and I used the extra velvet I had lying around and now all I see is black poking out of the collar.
This needs to be fixed but I wanted to show you It really is done, well sort of.

So its been sunny and wonderful here which means its time to break out the summer clothes and summer reads.

Outfit Details –

Strawberry Romper- Thrifted $3, Belt – Thirfted $1, Bag – Thrifted $0.50, Shoes – Payless $7 Raybans – Ebay $62

The outfit wouldn’t cost even $13 except for those darn glasses. I guess I’ll just have to be careful and keep them for years so I can feel less guilty about them!

I used to have this amazing cushy restaurant job where I could read an entire book each shift I worked but nowadays the little free time I have is spent with nursing texts. But I have resolved myself to do more reading. I am allowing myself to buy and reread some of my old favorites including Slaughter-house-five! I am all excited for the summer season. Im sure after the second day of weather in the 100’s I’ll be changing my tune but until then Im going to enjoy it to the fullest.

Well that was all random.. sorry!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day while I am currently cooped up on my 12 hour clinical…ugh!

Can’t Go Back Now

So I have a growing pile of dresses like this…

Fairly large and either shapeless or oddly shaped.
This particular dress has been in my pile for about a year and a half. A long time I know but I really liked the print of the dress but I have been absolutely stumped by the shape and how to fix it.

So just on sunday I decided to take some before pictures of a few of these big dresses just in case I was inspired at some point and didn’t want to wait around and take before pictures and when I was putting the dress on I realized I liked how it looked with an empire waist and I remembered that on Burdastyle theres an awesome contour bust pattern which is great but I now know is too big for me.

So I chopped the top off of the dress and left the waistband.

I cheated and used the zipper that was already in place on the skirt and took in the sides enough to keep it up.

So the thing is I like how it turned out but I sort of wonder if it would be better as a shorter dress. Like if I carefully take it up from the waist so I can save the stripes at the hem. I think it would be fairly easy but do you think its a good idea?? Save me!

Thanks for your help!

PS So I am super excited I made my own signature… problem was I had no clue what my signature should be. My Blog name? My real name? A combination? I still have no clue but this is it for a start.